Tuesday, 19 January 2016

12: Glitter beanie hat from upcycled jumper

I was meant to post this on Sunday but had some issues with uploading photos because I simply could not get blogger to upload. Anyway, today the problem seems to have gone so on to blogging.

I got this jumper for Christmas. It was nothing special but I did quite like it. It was a kind of tinselly fur fabric. Anyway I only wore it twice and then stupidly dropped it on the floor during the Christmas celebrations where one of the dogs decided to lie on it. I do not really mind that but then he was sick on it too. Of course I washed it. The label says wash at 40degC. I actually washed it at 30degC. It shrunk loads. Or at least it ended up very short and wide with sleeves to short. Quite sad really because although it was definitely a bit too Christmasey for say June it would still have been wearable throughout winter. In theory I could have returned to the shop as faulty since the label says you can wash at a hotter temperature than I did but it was a present and I do not have the receipt. Since my Mum bought it I suspect she would not have kept the receipt anyway so I have not bothered her with this. I also have yet to tell her I have ruined it before she even saw me wear it!

So what to do with it because it is really quite a nice sparkly fabric and now I do own an overlocker. I got this download for a FREE beanie the other month from here:

You have to subscribe to get it but it is a good pattern. Anyway I have now made this lovely (although far from perfect) beany from my ruined jumper and I am much happier.

I am also attempting to use the rest of the jumper to make a kind of shrug but have yet to work that one out so that is another post. Sadly I never took a photo of my ruined shrunken jumper but have taken a few pictures
of how I cut this out:


The pattern instructions say to cut this out folded 4 times but I could not do that unless I used a side seam which with hindsight would have been fine but I did not do that. I cut two pieces out folded and then seamed the side seams.

My original idea was to use the ribbed hem to make an edge for the hat but that did not work well because by the time it was serged there was not much left and it keeps folding to the outside when worn as shown in the following photo:

You can just see the black overlocking. Below is what it looks like inside and you can see there really is not much left of the band which is why it keep turning to the wrong side whilst wearing.

 I am actually quite pleased with this hat I just need to find the best way to finish the edge off.


Thats a light behind me on the last photo not a bit stuck on the top of the hat.

Anyway I am now considering using some black ribbed fabric for the hem of the hat and cutting the existing hem off. What do you think? All ideas welcome.

Thanks for reading and hopefully see you again soon,

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