Tuesday, 26 January 2016

14: velvet wide scarf

A very easy wide scarf with no pattern needed.
I bought this lovely dark red velvet from Weston Fabrics on Ebay with no idea what I would do with it. Anyway I was pinning lots of large scarves on Pinterest when it hit me to make a huge scarf from this red velvet.

The fabric has transparent stripes so I do not really want to wear it as a top, leggings or dress. I do not mind see-through but this is not enough of either tansparent or solid for me to want to wear. I still love the fabric though so I needed to find a use. Then the December issue of Burda also had a pattern for a triangular scarf in it. AND it was in semi-transparent velour!

BUT I do not want to cut this fabric so decided to use it whole. After all then if I decide I do not like wearing it I still have my whole length of velvet for another project. I did trim the edges to ensure it was not uneven and then serged around with it turned inside out. I left a small hole in one end to turn it to the right side and hand sewed this shut afterwards.

This is is me posing: 

Makes me feel like a kid again!

I love it but feel there is something missing. I considered using some braid- I really want to find a use for this stuff! I bought it from ebay a while back but cannot find anything to do with it. Maybe in summer it will "belong" to something.

Anyway I did not use the braid yet but still I think this scarf needs something.  Maybe it needs an edge of knitted or crochet lace? Or, maybe some hand sewn of coins or medallions or even some edging made of chains?

Until I decide I will just keep wearing it because its very warm and cozy.

What do you think? All ideas welcome.
Thanks for reading

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