Thursday, 7 January 2016

11: cowl infinity scarf

Well I have had a horrible cold since New Years day and have not made anything. I decided I am much better today since I finally felt well enough to weave all the ends into this infinity scarf. I mentioned it before in my huge warm jumper post: 9: Brightly coloured knitted jumper

This scarf was really an accident since I knitted in a larger sized needle and decided it was too loose so redid the piece again in a smaller sized needle. Anyway rather than unpick it I decided to use it as an infinity scarf. It will match my jumper as well which is a bonus. Since it is a side panel it is not knitted in the round but is seamed at the back but it works anyway. Its kind of a cheat since an accident but it is a garment so I am including it in my 100 garments project.

You can also see my lovely Vintage Venus here as well which I am  very pleased with because I figure that having a second "body" to put things on whilst working out how to construct them may really be of use. This girl was £32.80 so I am very pleased with her. I am calling her Harriet. I picked her up off Ebay the other month and am very happy with her. Have yet to find her very useful though but I suspect when pinning everything together whilst attempting to decipher burda patterns with what I have so far found to be somewhat weird instructions I think she will be well worth the price.

I need to get back to work tomorrow so sadly did not make as much crafting wise over Christmas as I had hoped but onwards to the weekend when I intend to get going again. I should be feeling totally on top of the world by then as well. Right now I still feel somewhat delicate.

I need to get the rest of the Christmas decorations down now too. I decided since I was feeling so ill that this year we would just turn everything off at 12th night. Hopefuly that will not mean any bad luck. But then I am not really at all superstitious and actually left some christmas outdoor fairy lights up for about 5 years now. And they continue to work despite the weather. So my task for the rest of today - take down that tree!
Thanks for reading and see you again soon,


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