Monday, 1 May 2017

100: Upcycled ankle socks

Every year when winter arrives I buy some over the knee socks. This is nothing to do with fashion since I have bought these since I was a school-girl. Start of winter each year I buy probably 4 pairs. Then come spring I am hot! Too hot. I usually just push them down and wear like fall-down-socks from the 80s/90s but this year I decided not to be too hot and to alter them. It does help that I had some stretch lace already in my stash. I have never considered doing this before but its so easy and fast.

I do not have space to have loads of pairs of socks. I used to collect them but decided a few years ago to try to minimise what I have in my wardrobe so I do not really want to buy new ankle socks until these are worn out. I also do not want to simply throw them out. Socks are not usually found in charity shops so it would be very wasteful not to use them until end of life so I need to make them more wearable.

I simply cut off the top and serged with stretch lace to give these cute socks.

Because the sock is knitted in the round and the lace is not obviously, so I needed to sew the ends together:

If you decide to do this its worth noting I sewed my lace onto the same side on each sock which means one sock has a seam on the inside and the other ends up with it outside. If of course I had considered this better I would have made sure both had inside seams since you cannot then see them.

These stripey socks were from Poundland and as you can see the stripes are "out". It never bothered me and still doesn't.

I wore these for the first time yesterday and intend to make more because they work really well and now I will not be too hot with my long socks. I also love the bit of black lace!

So finally I finish my target 100 garments. AND I have relearned how to sew although there is miles to go yet before I get really good which I hope eventually I will. And I am not giving up sewing now. It has changed my life and my wardrobe and given me new friends around the globe and a connected feeling to others who sew. So although I finished the project - the making of 100 garments, which seemed huge when I began it, as of today I am starting a new one. I will not change the blog name but I also will now give up numbering because its no longer relevant.
Thanks for the support I have had from other sewists who have helped me overcome problems and advised me on how to fix things. It really is appreciated.
Thanks for reading

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