Wednesday, 3 May 2017

#MMM17 day 2

I am writing. my thesis today.
I know I look a slob but its warm, comfy, me made and its a holiday.
These are my red sports trousers made from a Lekala pattern that used to be free but last time I visited was paid for.
You can still get a few free patterns there though and the paid for patterns are good. I did like that I got to try out a pattern before committing to buy. That was nice and its a good pattern.
I made a second version without the side splits here:

 I am wearing layers cos its cold.

My tops are here:

 The jumper turned out huge. I used a  chunky pattern with big wool. The yarn says to use 10mm needles. I did. Then I reknitted on 8mm because it was just very loose. I made the smallest size which from my previous two attempts over the years is huge anyway since its an 80s pattern and that was the fashion. What I should have done was use a correct sized needle for the pattern not for the yarn and I would have got a very thick jumper that fitted better. I suppose you could also adjust the stitch numbers etc but I am not good at that and it would probably have worked on the right needles from the small swatches I have made since.
The grey stripey top is upcycled.

Thanks for visiting
Happy May

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