Friday, 5 May 2017

#MMM17 day 4



Today I am wearing my yellow hoody dress and my upcycled socks ( with RTW leggings and no shoes!)

Well it was a warm day and after working I really needed to take off my shoes!

I tried to get to grips with Instagram today but its just a  pain because it seems you cannot import from Pinterest. I hate facebook and keep it just for my business so do not want to use it for my sewing or other hobbies so do not want to connect it to my Instagram pages. I have a work version of Instagram as well but never use that and it seems I cannot use the same email address for both that account and one to go with this blog. Its all getting just a bit annoying. I may go back to Instagram later but for now cannot be bothered with it. There are only so many hours in a day and right now I have no time to learn to use a new photo storage app. Though I can see it would be great to upload direct from my phone. Still not today.

Shame cos means I will not be able to post my MeMades along with everyone else. I hate twitter and I hate facebook and  do love Pinterest so will continue with that one I think. Never mind! Rant over!
My Pinterest page is here:

Thanks for visiting my blog and have a lovely May!

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