Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Pin Stripe Trousers #MMM17 day 15

I needed new work clothes. Particularly trousers so I made a second pair of the Burda Flares I made here but in pin stripe:
 since I like the first pair so much. I am not so sure to be honest about that front seam but they are made now and perfectly acceptable as work clothing although with hindsight I should have spent a bit longer and mated the pattern better. Still the fabric which is a very stable knit was only 99p off ebay so its not the best experiment so far but has given me an ok pair of work trousers. Next time I would change the direction of the side stipe if I was making again then it would not matter so much about matching the pattern on that front seam. It simply does not match!

Worn with them is my top made here:

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