Tuesday, 9 May 2017

#MMM17 - Days 7, 8 and 9

Day 7
Lifes been busy. I have not posted as expected for the last 3 days but did take #MMM17 photos so will update now.  I expected to have to euthanase one of the dogs on Saturday. I was walking Reggie on Saturday night and his legs just gave way. He was completely unable to walk and dragging his back legs behind him. We carried him upstairs to bed on Saturday night. Normally both dogs sleep on the floor at the end of the bed. He weighs 28kg so is not a small dog and lifting him is very difficult if you do not want to hurt or cause more problems to either him or to us. We had hoped he would be better the next day. It happened a few times with my old dog before his legs finally went.  Took to the vet as an emergency appointment first thing Sunday when he was no better thinking this is the end. We both were very upset. But he is still with us and looking better.The vet reckons he has damaged a disc in his spine so it could just be bruised. He has to take tablets which I assume reduce inflammation and we carry him outside as needed using a  towel. I reckon 20 years ago he would have just been put down but this vet thinks he will improve.

So anyway on Sunday night we decided he needed to sleep downstairs  His brother ( sibling from same litter) stayed with him which is lovely.  Anyway he was having none of it and just wined and howled all night so we took turns looking after him to try and calm him. I got virtually no sleep due to having to try and stop him howling and annoying the next door neighbours. Talk about a nightmare and then starting a new job the next morning. I was totally knackered and trying to learn new stuff and finally earn some money. It looks to be an OK job too so I need to do my best. Not what I needed really being that tired but it seems that is how life usually works. 
Anyway last night we gave in and carried him upstairs.  Anyway in all this I have not had time for #MMM which is sad but somethings matter more than blogging. I am catching up a bit here.

So on day 7: I wore a top made here:

with T shirt made here:

And a pair of RTW leggings over-dyed purple ( by me).

And photo-bombed by a Ronnie dog 
Day 8: I started work and wore my bows raglan top which has become a favourite.with some pretty old and unfashionable Miss Selfridge suit trousers  You can find out about it here:

Day 9: I wore my yellow cowl-hoody dress again. Mainly because I wore it a few days ago and it was still in the washing that I have not put away so was easy to find. Currently I am also into this dress since it suits the time of year.

And today there is a huge improvement in Reggie-dog who we have to keep telling to lie down because he obviously thinks he is better. He is meant to rest his leg and the disc in his spine for a few more days yet else we risk losing him but explaining this to him has proved very difficult. He is not yet being euthanased at least.

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