Thursday, 18 May 2017

#MMM17 day 18

Since I found I am pretty much wearing the same items over and over again this month despite me having choices I suppose it is time I made an effort to wear something different.
To be honest my work wardrobe is a bit limited due to me having spent the last 3.5 years as a student when I could pretty much wear whatever I wished. Though one thing I did do as a student was to make sure things were wearable with Toe-tector boots. Now I am in an office and doing PC work so no boots needed but my clothes do not often fit into that environment. It is meant to be business wear but so far I have got away with wearing me-made. I obviously need new clothing since I have a six month contract. I also started this blog as a student so I never made things to wear that are " respectable" and now I am having some issues. Partly it is down to my lack of imagination with combinations of me-made clothing I do own  and needing to leave very early in the morning so I need to try to work out better what goes with what.

Today I am wearing my red dress made quite a while ago now here:

and that is all my me-made today.
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