Wednesday, 26 September 2018

My quick skull skirt

I made this very quick skirt ( not part of my capsule wardrobe!) from a small piece of fabric left over from this top a week ago but did not have a photo of me wearing it so here is the photo:

 Wishing you happy sewing,

My winter capsule wardrobe so far - 2 tops and a three-way skirt

So far for my winter capsule wardrobe I have two new tops which I wrote about in my last post here

I had not photos of me wearing them yet then so here are the pictures:
New Look 6230

Both are made from synthetic polyester crepe but I used the reverse of the fabric to make it more "modern" since I have cometo the conclusion I hate polyester crepe. These should be nice and warm though by the feel of them and the reverse is more of a heavy mesh/ body con type of fabric which is very similar to lots of stuff you see clothing made from in outdoors shops so I am very happy with the end result and will use the rest of this fabric up in this way.

The wide lace on the front of this top is stretch lace off ebay. I was not very happy when I bought this since it was sold as 5m but came in two lengths which the description never said. Still I found a use in the end.

The narrow lace is also from ebay but I bought it about 3 years ago now and have used in on various other items. I could do with finding a job lot of this in fact since am finally running out of it.
Burda Style Lydia
The purple top is the Lydia T shirt from Burda Style.
But my best item so far for this is my three way skirt made from the same Burda Style pattern as this lilac gingham frill skirt:

I had to hand baste most of this and the waistband is a bit hit and miss and fastens with snaps but I am pretty much pleased with the end result. Not sure how long it will last or how it is going to wear being as I used the reverse of the fabric for all panels but I love it.

 Its got front and back zips.

To stop the zips from puckering I interfaced along each zip on one side of the fabric only since I am hoping the lining side will stay unpuckered as well.It seems to have worked.

 Then repeated basting for the second side to give a lining. So lots of hand basting. Lots of checking everything lines up etc.

The end results I have three looks in one skirt as well as slightly unzipped:

Look one: Black and red

Look two: Purple and red

 And Look 3 a purlpe zippy skirt:

So I really feel like I am getting somewhere now and still have a pile to sew up.

 Winter is looking fun