Tuesday, 17 May 2022

17th May #MMM22

Today I decided I really should wear something other than my tracksuit and the stuff I seem to live in.  I have a wardrobe full of Me Mades so there is no excuse other than being lazy. The whole point of #MMM is to wear what you make not stick with your usual favourites whether me made or not or at least its how I interpret #MMM anyway.

So: Pink flares - which I seem to wear far more than I expected when I made these and my green ballet top which is over a pink RTW sports bra - ignore that bit. 

Its lovely and sunny today (hence the dazzled expression!) and this photo was taken at 07:30am, and with me straight out the shower. Its going to be a hot day I think.

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Monday, 16 May 2022

May 16 #MMM22

 Unfortunately I never got a photo of my me made work clothes which I also wore today. These were my dog walking clothes first thing this morning.Its looking like my dog walking clothes get on here most this Me Made May in fcat which is slightly frustrating. I need to make more of an effort to get photos of the rest of what I wear. There is still half of May left after all.

Grey glitter Lekala sports pants - these are my older pair. I literally just made a replacement because I love these. With black top I made years ago - and its far too warm for the time of year.I am unlikely to wear this again unless it gets colder. Even first thing n the morning I was warm and I wore this with my work trousers later today and was too hot and did not wear another top under it so was stuck sweltering out on work visits.

and my upcycled army surplus jacket. You cannot see here but I put ribbon "stripes" where the original "stripes" had been removed when I bought it. It cost just £1 at a Steam Fair.


This older post from 2016 shows it better.

Have a good day and thanks for popping over and see you tomorrow.


Sunday, 15 May 2022

Sunday 15th May #MMM22


Today started at 22 Deg C and is now raining so the photos today - well there is just the one! - are indoors I am afraid which is never the best really. Its a not very good photo as well but will record my me-mades for today.

I thought being Sunday and having worn old clothes ( some me-made but no photos of them) at the allotment this morning I would dress up a bit and wear one of my lovely velvet dresses. Of course it had to rain! You can always have a look back at the better photos of this dress here.

Never mind. 

Its still recorded, and I get to wear one of my favourites which I do not do on a weekday since I like to keep my best clothes for outside of work.

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Saturday, 14 May 2022

Saturday 14th May #MMM22

Today its warm. Its currently 18 Deg C whic is OK for May in the UK. Tomorrow they are predictig 22 Deg C. I need to get some sunglasses!

This lace black top was really made by accident. I intended to make a low back top but it kept slipping off my shoulders. This is the original top.


The back cut out was just too wide or the shoulders were not wide enough ( I was never sure) so then I added the lace motif

I like how it turned out in the end though despite it started out as a disaster. 

 Under that is cornfower blue mesh a me made bra which is just seen. Probably you should not wear a bra with this type of low back top but I am getting a bit old to hang loose these days.

The RTW skirt was bought in a sale a few years ago and was sold as a mermaid skirt and has little fins on the sides and the back high low skirt but reminds me of bat wings!

I know! I can be so childish. Just Love this skirt though and also have the trousers, jacket and dress in the same line. I could not resist. I actually even wore this skirt to the office ad no one said anything though I did cover the small side fins.

I hope you are having good weather today. Thanks for visiting and see you tomorrow.


Friday, 13 May 2022

#MMM22 - Its Friday13th May


Its Friday 13th! I usually seem to have strangely good luck on these occassional Friday 13th days. Probably should get round to buying a lottery ticket. I usually forget. 

 I am afraid not the best photos today since taken by a friend indoors but the best I managed to get.

I wore my "circuit board" patterned top again over my spotty Tshirt with some 2002 vintage Morgan jeans with side splits, which I have had from new and still love, and they are now of course back in fashion. 

The spotty top started life as a work top but every time I wore it it felt like a uniform for a bank or similar organisations so I chopped the sleeves and added stretch lace.


 The dog in the original photo of this top is Reggie and sadly is no longer with me. He was around 13 in that photo and was the most faithful dog I ever knew. He used to sleep next to me when I sewed. 

The lace used to update this top is actually recycled stretch lace too from another item I made that was turned into rags for painting a while ago so this is really an upcycled but totally me-made item.

I definitely much prefer the spotty top as it is now though and I have been wearing it lots recently. The other top was simply my second layer for a pretty wet day in England.

Have a great day and thanks for visiting my blog,


Thursday, 12 May 2022

12th May - #MMM22

I am afraid just about every possible squinting expression here. But it is lovely and sunny today and a bit warmer with a predicted high of 15 Deg C. Its currently 8 Deg C but I am too hot with this many layers!

The coat is my softshell skull jacket - made last Spring and I loved it then. I still love the fabric but might have used a different pattern a year later. Mind you its still a warm, showerproof, windproof jacket and fits the weather. 

I did not need the jumper underneath though.

The jumper is a badly hand knitted cotton jumper. I think also made last year but I did what the pattern said and its too loose a knit. That does make it very soft unlike the other cotton jumper I knitted but its kind of baggy and out of shape. Its knitted on aran sized needles and I think I should have gone down at least one needle size and maybe twothough according to the yarn band its the right tension and right needles. I still like it but might eventually - when I have less of a wool stash - unpick and reknit this. Depends. I am not so keen on knitting cotton. I find it hard on the hands which other yarns are not. And its heavy on the wrists when knitting. But I do like wearing knitted cotton. The difference though is I felt I needed to force myself to carry on to get it finished, where with other yarns I am desperate to start the next project before I even finish the last bit. I actually often end up with two or three garments all needing the sewing up doing because I hate that as well, but I do my knitting whilst listening to Audible and it just happens so effortlessly. Mind you I do have to stop the books sometimes to work out the hard bits.

Black top is my least favourite of three I made at once. Its the wider ribbed fabric. The fabric is a bit stiff and although has lycra its not really comfortable.  It feels a bit restrictive. It would have worked better either in a bigger size or different style. It does always look good though even when I have to wear a suit for work so all is not lost with this basic top.

Then finally - well actually no I have a me made bra on but not showing that one! 

The trousers were made in winter and were far to cold feeling possibly because of the icy blue colour. Thats all I could come up with to as to why they feel cold anyway, being as they are similar fabric to others that did not feel cold. Anyway at last they work for me which makes them worth the effort. I suspect these will be a favourite this summer in fact. 

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Wednesday, 11 May 2022

Its raining # MMM22

Taken straight after the morning dog walk. Today is 11 Deg C and raining. So warm wet weather clothing for an English Spring/ Summer.

I am wearing me-made slightly creased grey glitter hoody dress, hand knitted socks and waterproof coat. I am working from home today so the creasing will not matter!

 I need to make a new version of this coat. It works, but when I made it I was literally off to Scotland in a few hours and used velcro tape alone as fastening all up the front as well as over tops of pockets. It works well but its a pain. I have extra bits of velcro I need to keep in one pocket to cover the "hooks" side when not done up else it grabs hold of everything I wear and damages some things - as velcro does. I want to make a better finished version ( insides of pockets are fraying where I never finished them off properly.)

BUT it is waterproof and does work even if a bit amateurish.

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My first sun sandals

Well one thing I have never made is shoes. At least until now anyway and since its Me Made May I thought I would show you these. 

I need to practice doing up the ties. They are the same length just I was wearing these and never adjusted for the photos! 

Well #MMM22 is supposed to be about real life and wearing what you make after all!

Just glimpsed here - probably I should have got better photos - is my navy Steampunk Skirt which of course is also Me Made but never mind that.

 I always thought I would have a go at the crochet boots pattern from Lion Brand yarn but when I came accross this pattern, for what are basic Viking shoes a couple of years ago I just had to buy it. 

At that time it was 75p so even if I never made these it was not much to risk losing. Well the hardest part of making these is finding some second hand leather large enough to cut the shoes from. Most leather clothing is made from small panels and I had to buy a few things to get a large enough panel to do this. 

I did though previously make some armour from some of my panelled leather so all is not lost in my efforts to upcycle old leather garments. That was fun, 

Though I must admit this armour is worn very little, but it has become something I care for and keep, despite the craziness of owning armour! 

I intend to learn how to add studs and rivets in fact and make some more armour thats a bit more "armoured".  Thats for the future though.

Back to these very comfortable sunny weather shoes.

Anyway these are my very first pair of Sun Sandals. Pattern is from Etsy though the price has now gone up. Still if you do fancy making shoes this is worth it. 

I used a second hand skirt in a lovely lilac colour which is probably totally impractical and will get dirty quick but its what I could find that I can fit both shoes onto so this is whats available to me right now. They will be nice summery shoes I think. I never took any photos of the skirt before jumping in and cutting I am afraid but its just a second hand skirt from a charity shop. There will be enough leather for another pair too and I think the skirt cost me £3.

You have to remember to draw on the wrong side of the fabric - so I chose the dirty outer side and to cut two mirror images.

Then you just tape the pattern to the cut out shoe and hammer holes all round it - they are marked on the pattern.

Cut the laces which is interesting cos you start with a oval/spud shaped piece of leather and cut in a circle to the thickness you need. Test its strong enough - one of my laces broke so I actually made 3 of these, but best you break it now not when wearing and I used the smaller bit  from the broken lace for the heel join. Then you need to thread everything together and you have an amazingly easy to make pair of sun sandals.

I would certainly reccommend people have a go at making these. They are only any good when its not raining and really are slippers but once you have them worn in you can add soles which I will do. You need to wear them first though  they say for around 2 weeks, to decide where to add the second piece of "sole" leather. You can stick rubber soles on which I may try but even then I do not think they would be very waterproof unless you can get hold of something like sofa leather. I am now keeping an eye open for anything like that I can find/ beg/ be donated to make more of these.

These are also the most amazing dance slippers you could have, because they are like ballet shoes.

Have a great day and thats for dropping by. See you tomorrow


Tuesday, 10 May 2022

Glitter top updated and track pants #MMM22 - May 10th


Working from home today, hence my comfy clothes. The top is updated at Laura's suggestion from what was a body into a top. I high low curved it as best I could.

Its much tighter than I usually wear my tops but it is wearable and feels very like 90's or early 00's tops which were much shorter and tighter than current fashion - and often had these funnel sleeves which I also love. I can wear this.
For a British summer it will work very well. Today its kind of dull, not yet rainy and intermittent sun but I think about 14 DegC. Supposedly we get a high of 16 DegC today. Not too cold but certainly not very summery by most countries standards so velvet and fleece work well for me today and hopefully I will not need an extra layer till tonight.

Trousers are my very successful, much loved, and now much worn tracksuit bottoms ( though still looking good) made using the Make Your Own Activewear book by Melissa Feyr. They are a sheen fleece fabric. 

I have a  second pair of these cut out but have yet to tackle them because they are a bit tricky to sew due to the zip ankles and zip pockets but well worth the effort. I will get round to sewing them soon though. I have been concentrating on easy sewn stuff recently. But I have worn these so much and I need a second pair.

See you tomorrow


Monday, 9 May 2022

Steam punk inspired Circuit board/ Art Deco pattern top #MMM22


Well as I said previously when I made the dress this fabric reminds me of circuit boards. Its kind of almost steampunk hence the title of this post. But its lycra so makes for comfortable fitted modern clothing. Still thats just how I see this look.

Top is Lydia from Burda and its a nice basic T shirt though after making this I think I have gone off this pattern a little. I seem to find the front moves forward too much. Maybe I need a smaller size?


Or maybe the neck band is not as stretched as it should be. Its kind of baggy. You can just about see on this photo. The neck band does not quite hang right. Maybe I just cocked the neck band up. Not really sure.

Still its been washed and worn for a few weeks now and I seem to like to wear this so not a total disaster.

Trousers are part of my pre-Christmas loungewear sewing that I did and seem to have really come into their own this spring. 

Till tomorrow 


Sunday, 8 May 2022

Grey and lace hoody cowl faery top


I actually think this is the best top I have ever made. Since its #MMM22 I am finally getting round to showing you this top. I have actually been wearing it a couple of months I think.
When I decided to cut this out I was on a roll cutting out loads because I was not able to sew due to having broken my overlocker - or at least had dull blades that would no longer cut meaning it just blocked up and wrecked what I tried to sew. So I was really on a sewing break.

Not though a cutting out break.
This pattern is yet another Burda style hoody cowl which is a pattern I admit to having become obsessed with recently. Maybe its because I made a smaller size which actually fits now? I completely retraced the whole pattern back in January when I ealised the original I was using did not even fit inside the Pattern lines on the sheet so I had moved it when I originally traced it back in 2015 I think. So I had a very weird copy. I am amazed it fit me at all. Its obviously a very forgiving style!
I also shortened the original length on all my recent versions and this one is really a long top not even a dress. And its a High-Low. Partly the High-Low hem is down to lack of fabric. I had 1.5m of this and this style really needs around 2.25m to do it comfortably so I decided a top will work best and mean I can get this from the fabric I had.
You can see the High-Low really well here.
I used a pink and beige leopard print mesh for the inside of the hood to keep the lining nice and light. I found my original versions of this  pattern - made years ago now were very heavy round the neck. Using a very lightweight lining worked really well on my blue velvet dress so I followed the same idea here.
The red faux leather leggings are very old now. I shortened them recently. They used to be ruched around the ankles - although in my case they were ruched by being long not because I sewed them ruched so they were easy to turn into ordinary leggings by just chopping off and hemming them.

I have two other pairs of similar leggings so am intending to do the same update on them as well.

I just love the huge hood you get with this pattern. Yet it also works as an off the shoulder dress - which I did not show here - and also as a normal work worthy cowl neck top. Very versatile.

This top also has built in mitts which is a very good addition. The sleeves I made Uber long but they are not actually ruched so I can alter them later if I decide to. I do prefer over long sleeves though and its nothing to do with fashion, although I know recently overlong sleeves are back on the catwalks again. Also like my recent black dress I used a different sleeve because the flared sleeve of the original dress is kind of annoying for every day life. This turned out better than my black version but I think this fabric is more stable.

So for a bit of very boring grey-marl stretch T shirt fabric thats been in my stash for years because yes, its boring and very ordinary, this has really worked out into a lovely wearable top.

AND as a bonus it also fits my 2022 Faerie inspired clothing theme.

Have a great day and thanks for popping over,