Friday, 16 October 2020

Voodoo dolly dress - Knipmode


This dress is my first ever Knipmode make. Knipmode is Dutch and is very similar to Burda in that you trace the pattern.

I am much shorter than the Knipmode model it seems because this is meant to be considerably shorter.
 Never mind. Its very wearable this length. No way I will shorten it because I won't waste my fabric so its staying long which is probably better for winter anyway.
I use the long sleeves from the top which is actually the same pattern without the skirt parts.
The fabric is stretch lycra that I bought for leggings but decided it was not the right print or at least I would not see the design well if made into anything either small or with lots of seams so I spent ages looking at patterns to find something that would show the print well. In the end I decided on the Knipmode scater dress from this issue. Looking at these photos of my sleeves I may well have been wrong about this too because it looks like its still easy to see the large print even there.

Not knowing any Dutch was a real problem and I was not in the mood to spend ages typing into Google translate. I really need some, preferbly free, OCR software after this effort. I own spanisha nd itallian magazines too similar to this so I need to sort this out soon else will find making things difficult. Ether that or start learning more languages at night school.
This was far harder to make than I expected. 

I did the back twice so its a bit bodged really. Luckily the Knipmode pattern came out quite big so when I added a second back seam it still looks OK. I originally added the back neck opening but not understanding the directions made a mess of it. Or maybe that was nothing to do with the Dutch but just me. It just did not hang right.

 Either way I decided it is completely pointless having a back neck opening when it stretches this well so got rid of it.

hat made the dress hang properly. I also originally have a neck band. Like a Tshirt neck but when I removed the back openig I also dumped that. The basic round necked dress is far simpler but I like it better. I just wish I had not wasted so long making the back opening which I really struggled to get right.

In the end it was really not worth the effort of making the back neck opening which took ages to do but it was very much worth taking the extra time to alter it to a straight back. I really like it now and enjoyed wearig it.

Its the first time I have made a basic scater dress and I intend to make more of them though it must be in interesting fabric I think.


 I only wore it once so far but it got admired by TWO people neither of whom realised I made it myself. That makes me very happy!

So my first Knipmode is I think a big success. I have two Knipmodes so will have to try some other patters though I need to remeasure myself because this is a little big. I might try going down a size next time. Mind you then I might need an FBA!

Take care


Friday, 9 October 2020

Camoflage undies

These are some of my stash busting undies
The knickers are Megan Neison's free Acasia knickers and I have to say I love them and have cut several more out already. They are made from stretch camo left over from various projects my favourite being the camo track pants of which I have made 2 pairs and my dress.

I have never made the Acasia before but am very happy with the fit of these. I intend to make several more pairs of these for winter. 

The bralet is Madalynnes Noel top. I have made Noel before but it was really badly made next to this one. Despite that I wear it as soon as its washed and prefer it to everything else - brawise anyway. Now I have two which is great.

This time instead of lining the band with mesh I did a double layer of the camo jersey and I like this. The bodice part though is mesh lined with powermesh. I used petrol blue picot round the edges. The straps are black because its what I ahve in stock but I changed the slider bits and the rings that came with them because they looked better. Last time I sewed the straps straight onto the top of the bodice. This time I added rings. I am not really sure if I am meant to do this but decided it looked better.

I really like this underwear. I have already worn both parts several times so its standing up to washing well too. I am finding I wear it with my track pants which is very coordinating even though I do not go out in public in cropped tops.

Thats all for this week folks. 

Virus levels have risen loads in the Uk though deaths are down but either way Stay safe.


Friday, 2 October 2020

Small things matter

Well I am back at work full time now and have much less time for crafting. I suppose its down to having had most of a year off work, first with my operation, and then with Corona Virus but I am just knackered!

I never seem to have any time to sew now and do not feel at all like bothering most days.  Hopefully I will get back into both working and living again soon. In the meantime, I have only made a few small things this week.It makes it possible for me to carry on sewing without me just giving up due to being tired. I am sure I will get back to "normal" soon.

Masks Masks and more masks!

 These are my lastest:

 Really though they just look like more of the same! They are mainly made from the same fabrics as my first masks though the ones I cut out yesterday are different fabrics.

I have been making more masks because I needed us to have 10 between us. I have now achieved the 10 Masks - all of Mask 1. In fact I am now up to a total of 16 - and we need them. Or if we want to change them daily we do and officially apparently you should change at least twice a day (or every time you wear them) so since we both get a lunch break thats probably when we should be changing them. Thats not yet quite possible but we are getting to that point now.

You can read the original efforts at Mask making here :

I was originally going to also make Mask 2 from Burda but I decided against that after attempting the first one of these. It was not a great success and neither of us liked it as much as Mask 1. Also in the end I stuck with Mask 1 because the Mask 2 version ended up taking longer with the need for accurate pleats and that meant using an iron and as you may have noticed I hate ironing! 

We both find Mask 1 comfortable with its shaping and it covers the face without slipping. Mask 2 kept moving around. I am not sure if it was my making that made this happen or not.

Mask 1 also turns out to need smaller pieces of fabric so I can squeeze the 4 bits of Mask 1 out of smaller bits than one Mask 2 will use, meaning I get to use all the interesting leftovers I have kept as pocket linings. It works for me anyway. 

These are the latest masks I have made.

There are really only enough for my other half to have 2 a day for his morning and afternoon shifts since you are meant to wash them when you take them off and I feel he should change because he is in contact with several thousand people some days due to working in a University library. So unfortunately I am intending to make even more of these as the weeks go by. 

 We have also swapped all of  stiffer foam the filters for the softer ones. I have kept to other foam filters though for emergency replacements if / when we have some wear out. They are such a pain to take in and out for washing!

Mind you that appies to the softer filters too.

Anyway because I need to make even more of these things, I have now started to cut them out as and when, like when doing other tasks such as watching TV, and just stacking them in piles ready for sewing up later. I can then sew all the outers at once, all the overlocking at once etc making it faster to make lots. Its working so far.

I work out how many inners and outers etc and pin together so I can sew them when I have a few minutes. Small things, like just pinning the bits together are saving me so much time. And because I find this a very boring job to do I really need to not waste time working out which bits look best together! 

The other thing I am mass cutting out is knickers and bras.


I can do the same with these and sew as and when I have a couple of minutes. I have found I have been doing this between bigger sews for a few months now, since I started to make underwear, and it seems a good way to keep sewing without having a large project on the go because often I have just 5 spare minutes and its too short a time for serious sewing but not too short to do something like cut out or sew up a seam on some knickers. Or bralettes.

The other small sewing thing I have been doing is hair ties or scrunchies. These are something I used to pay £3 upwards each for and they are of course just a strip of fabric with elastic inside so very boring to sew. Though these are very useful and scrap busting as well, meaning I keep less fabric in my stash. I found I have a full bin liner full of prosepective hair ties already cut into strips over the last year or so, which is a tad ridiculous, so I am now mass sewing these up. Then I am mass turning them right side out and mass adding elastic and then mass sewing the ends by hand. But then I am one of those people who never stopped wearing scrunchies even when they were extremely unfashionable so I really should make more of these.

Again these are so boring to make so the best way seems to be to have an ongoing pile of strips ready to sew or of sewn strips ready for turning and then another pile ready for the elastic.

I am doing these in batches so its less boring. Because yes this is a very useful item to make, like the masks are essential to make, but both jobs are very boring sewing-wise.

 And very un-stretching if that is word.

So I cannot honestly say I have made much that stretches me this week but what I have made is useful, stash busting and its all stuff I need so a job worth doing I think.

Take care and stay safe 


Friday, 25 September 2020

Skull cami top

Well really there isn't much I can say about this top. 
I made it from the scraps from the leggings
This is another version of the Rebecca Page cami pattern. I made a basic ribbed version of this a few weeks ago. 
I decided to try this in stretch lycra fabric since I can just about squeeze this from the offcuts from my skull leggings. I mean just about, because the front and back are very mismatched patternwise but it was a difficult job making this from the small bit of fabric I had left over.
Since there was only ever a metre of this fabric there was really very little scrap so the top had to fit into what I had. That means the back is slightly longer than the front - so I curved the edges which works,  and the straps are a contrast stretch black fabric. 

Also my print is way out at the front to what the back is but its a bonus top really so who cares.
I think it looks OK

I wanted the straps to be secure for exercise so got my partner to pin them for me. 

Unlike the original pattern these crossover, so will not fall off when I do yoga.

He did pretty good because I just had to make a few slight adjustments to get them even.

  This is after they were sewn on:

Its a great exercise outfit anyway and I have enjoyed it today. Of course I will not always wear both items together but I am happy to have got a second item from my single metre of fabric meaning no including the cost of elastic and thread which I already owned, this cost me just £10.99. Bargain eh!.

 Thanks for dropping by my blog


Friday, 18 September 2020

Burda Easy camoflage dress

I really felt success when I first put this  dress on. Its a Burda Easy pattern from this magazine


I made it from what was left from my camo leggings

 There was so litle fabric I actually had no seam allowance on part of this so I had to sew really carefully down the very edge of the fabric with my overlocker because I could not afford to cut anything off in some parts. I carefullymarkesd the sewing line with pins so I did not get confused. Most of it did have seam allowace but there were two bits on the front seams with none. I sewed much slower than usual. 

Then there is the neckline with the slightly too big loops. This was seriously outside my comfort zone tho. Its not perfect but Ok for my first attempt at something like this. I would have liked better but I am not unhappy and could not risk taking appart and damaging the fabric. The facing was also far too small but it just about works. Then there is the very dodgy uneven wobbly stitching round the neck which holds the smaller than it should be facing down. It all works thanks to the camo pattern hiding where I wobbled and sewed it wrong. 

Have to say I am so very happy with this despite everything. I wore it once so far and it definitely suits early autumn. Its not cold here yet, just wet, so this is a good dress for now and for once I have sewed up something that actually fits the time of year. Thats just a  coincidence of course but it still makes me feel happy. I am going to enjoy this dress I can see that already. I need some baseball boots. I think they would suit this look and time of year.

Hems are all twin needle stitched and its sewn up entirly with an overlocker except for my dodgy top stitching round the neck line.

Not unusual for Burda this is quite a bit longer on me than in the magazine photos. Maybe I am just much shorter than their models. I am 170cm tall tho so OK for most pattern company patterns. I do seem to have lots of Burda makes though that turn out much longer than I am expecting.


Considering the side panel fabric is the opposite way up to the rest of the dress I think this has actually worked out rather well and proves you should be daring with any scraps and take risks even if the patterm only just fits on the fabric. Of course the camo print helps immensly with making this work.  


Sewn slowly and carefully though, you really can sew things up with little or no excess seam allowance. You mustnot cut anything off o the narow bits so it ends up the same width through the entire seams. I should have taken a phot so I can explain better but never thought at the time. 

I feel I really got the most out of this fabric which is great because it was one of my expensive birthday buys. I have a very small number of scraps left. Not sure what else I can make but for now they are in the stash. They might do a facing or something. Or maybe some underwear?

Take care


Sunday, 13 September 2020

Skull sports leggings

I bought this fabric along with a few more proper good quality lycra fabrics on my birthday. They are the most expensive farics I have ever bought, at least since I returned to sewing back in 2011. I have yet to use most of the others.  
I needed a basic leggings pattern for these because I do not want loads of sections and seams breaking up the print. So these are yet another version of my TNT leggings pattern McCalls 6173.

Well it works and gives me what I need for this. Its not a challenge though to make this pattern other than the expensive fabric that is. Though I did go to great legths to keep the grainline straight. 
I am really very happy to have made these though I think maybe my waist elastic is a bit too loose. I have yet to wear them for long so I may end up taking the elastic off and reattaching but we will see.

This fabric is from Ebay here

Despite this is very expensive leggings fabric (for me anyway) it is good quality and its proper exercise type fabric, rather than the cheapo stuff I have been getting away with, and I am very happy with it. 
After I made my camo leggings ( which is another of these expensive lycra fabrics) with ruched ankles by mistake I made sure these leggings were normal length. Even then I ended up taking the ankles in quite a bit because this pattern always gives me loose baggy ankles but other than that expected adjustment these worked out just as intended.

Since I only bought 1m of this as well I am very happy with these, though wishing I had bought my usual 2m this time. I never expected the fabric to be so wearable though, being a skull print. But it is. Its lovely!
I have a tiny bit left that maybe I can squeeze a matching top from. I have yet to investigate my numerous patterns to decide on that but even if these extra fabric bits end up as swimwear or underwear I do not care. I love these leggings and when I wore them out - just shopping - they got loads of attention and I do not think anyone realised I made these myself.

If I find something I can make from the left overs I will show you that later. 
The pink lace top was made a couple of years ago and its worn over my orange cami which I made a few weeks ago.
For now I am happy to have these in my Autumn sports wardrobe. 
Stay safe

Sunday, 6 September 2020

Camo leggings


So these are a pair of my TNT pattern - McCalls 6173. The fabric is proper sportswear lycra fabric!!!!

 Hence I am using a TNT pattern. 

 These are the most expensive leggings I have ever made! 


 I bought 4 pieces of this fabric in different designs with money given me for my birthday. I had 2m of this particular design. I am hoping to make something else with what is left of it but do not know what right now.

When I made these I forgot the pattern has 3 lengths and accidentally cut out the ruched bottom version. Its not what I intended but works OK and will make it easier to wear these with booys come the nasty wet weather we will have soon.

The top is the Rebecca Page cami top I made a while ago.

Its a very good yoga outfit. I have been doing Zoom yoga classes the last few weeks. Its actually really pushing me because I discovered I am almost able to cross my legs now as in Lotus position but not qite there as yet so hopefully Yoga will help. The physio said it would take about 9 months for me to get back to normal. Its now 10 months after my op and I have to say I am not quite there yet but I am hoping the yoga will help me.

At least I have lost some of the weight I put on last year. ( not that you can tell here but never mind!)

So all in all, I am happy with these despite the small mishap of cutting them too long. Ruched ankles is Ok and the fabric is far too expensive to go cutting off the bottom. Winter is coming and its definitley feeling Autumnal here so these are the start of my Autumn workout gear. 

I am back at work now but still trying to keep safe.

Take care everyone and stay safe whatever you are doing.