Monday, 9 May 2016

#MMMay16, 08/05/16, Day 8

Sunday 8th May and
Misses CostumesI decided to wear this top because I love it but so far have not worked out exactly HOW to wear it. I thought it would be a lovely pattern and gold and black ( the fabric is black inside) would go with lots but it turned out a bit loud and glittery for every day life and I just do not wear it.

Anyway I started off wearing with jeans since I kind of think it MUST be wearable and not just to parties or at Christmas but for normal life. I just need to work out what to wear with it. Maybe MMMay can help me to sort this out with the rest of my wardrobe. And jeans are so toned down every-day-life-ish I thought it might just work.

So here it is with jeans:

Kind of OK but still not really something I
feel I can wear down the supermarket
 if you know what I mean.

Well Sunday was hot. According to my car when I went off to the garden centre 29degC. I wonder if it measured inside rather than outside though? I thought it did the outside but that IS hot for May in the UK so maybe it was measuring the inside of the car instead. I will have to look that up and find out.

So it was hot and we decided to go and buy some potting compost and later to have a BBQ.

Before I went to the garden centre I decided I had to change out of this outfit because I was really hot in my jeans so investigated what else I can wear either with this lovely but hard-to-wear top or instead of it because I am running out of clothing for MMMay. I obviously need to make some new stuff!

In my wardrobe is a hardley ever worn pinafore. I usually just seem to wear this on holiday for some reason. No idea why but it seems kind of holiday-ish. Well it works with my top. Or I decided it does.

And this is my faithful dog Reggie photo bombing my pictures. He is a darling! 

This is pinafore/dungaree skirt is just a supermarket item from probably 15 years ago. Its camo and I love camo and also was pretty cheap so I bought it.

It does not work for work clothing and I will not wear this for work ever, but was a nice Sunday afternoon visiting the garden centre outfit despite my feeling like everyone was looking at me in my sparkling top. Of course it was just me being paranoid. Anyway thanks to MMMay I now have an extra item of wearable clothing in my wardrobe which is great.

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