Thursday, 5 May 2016

~MMMay16; 05/05/16 Me made May day 5 and if FEELS like May today!

Its nice and sunny today and feels like Summer is finally upon us. But then this IS the UK and we are only in May and that old saying keeps coming to mind that my Grandma used to say " Cast ne'er a clout 'till May is out" which I think means keep your blankets till the end of May - and coats hats gloves etc cos in the UK it may be feeling like summer today but we could still have snow and will most likely get a few frosts yet.

So today I am wearing with my fake silk hand knit top ( being carried in my hand when on my way out to work) my boxy orange top and an upcycled denim skirt. I do not know if you remember the fashion at the end of the 90s for "engineered Levi jeans". Well this skirt started out as a very expensive pair of engineered or "twisted" jeans. It was kind of funny really cos everyone paid extra for jeans with wonky side seams which looked like those cheap ones my Mum used to buy off the market when I was a kid where they had cut the cloth off straight causing everything to be twisted and sold them off cheap.

Well we paid lots for this rubbish only to find they were not only a bit strange to look at but also pretty uncomfortable so I hacked mine one day and made this skirt. It was a huge sucess because I still like to wear it and the twisted seams  disappeared once hacked to give me two forward slanting side seams that look really good. Or so I think anyway. And its very comfortable.

I chopped the legs, opened the fly and added triangles of fabric to make a skirt from the trouser legs. The bleach dye effects came with the original jeans I did not do them just hacked them in a such a way as to be able to keep those bits.

There are lots of tutorials for this all over the place on the internet. I did not use a tutorial because this was made before there really was any internet and what there was was in its infancy. Possibly I was better at sewing in those days. Still I am getting better again. The top I made last year at the start of my adventure into making 100 garments here:1: Boxy Orange top.

Maybe I should include my upcycled skirt in my 100 garments because unlike yesterdays upcycle which was just an overdyeing I actually did hack and restyle this garment and it was a big success cos I must have worn it as a skirt for at least ten years now.
May add a better photo of my skirt later.
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