Tuesday, 3 May 2016

31: Green cable and lace jumper

I actually made this several years ago. I love the pattern and have made it twice before this attempt in different colours. Also the first time I made this it was the 80s and jumpers then were similar to what they are now and were huge and baggy. This version is probably about 10 years old now and was made to fit a different fashion. I think we were in wide 70s flares and short tops then. Time for a new one perhaps! This is a fluffy yarn similar to mohair and a chunky gauge. I might make the next one in an aran I think since from memory the needles are the same sizes as aran patterns.

You can see more of it here: 02/05/2016 Me-Made-May Day 2
and here: 03/05/16 Me-made-May day 3

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