Monday, 2 May 2016

02/05/2016 Me-Made-May Day 2

Me-made leggings and me-hand knitted jumper. The scarf was a Christmas present from my other half and is from Next so not me-made. The jumper is a cable and lace pattern and this is the third time making it because I love to knit it and to wear this particular pattern. The leggings are new. First time wearing. The fabric is a lycra stretch with black one side and fushia the other so the black side panels are actually the same fabric as the front and back panels making them surprisingly easy to make. Next time though I think I will make a smaller size. Same old problem with pattern sizing!

This is McCall's 6173
 Image result for mccalls 6173

I also made the black T-shirt underneath but you cannot actually see that. The weather was pretty cold so I never took the jumper off for the pictures.

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