Tuesday, 24 May 2016

#MMMay16, Day 24

Today I am wearing my upcycled skirt again made from my Dad's Pyjama top with my black raglan top made here: 27: Better picture of orange raglan top and a new top  from Newlook 6230. This is definitely not the best top I ever made or even a very well fitting top but does work well over my exercise kit so has turned out surprisingly useful. 
I made a mistake when I made this top since it is meant to have a centre back seam and it seemed to me a bit stupid so I put it on the fold to eliminate it but forgot to remove the seam allowance so its a bit bigger at the back than it should be.

 It does make a great ballet style neckline top though and works off one shoulder too so if I wear it with the right things its great despite my mistake.

I suppose if you do not want to spend hours making couture clothing, which to be honest I would love to do but right now I do not have time time let alone the patience to make, then you need to either scrap your mistakes or make them work for you. I do really admire blogs like https://fiftydresses.com and would love to be that skilled, but my wardrobe making is more about variety and having something I can afford that is a bit different from what I can buy on the High Street. Maybe one day I will have gained the skill to make such beautiful clothing but right now I just need stuff I can wear.

Also my lifestyle is very fast and stressful like many other people so I simply do not go to places where I can actually wear a lot of the lovely clothes I would like to make.

I have recently, to be honest been concentrating on fast makes often with knits since I am addicted to my overlocker. I think though in the next few months I need some more structured clothing which inevitably will mean, timewise, much longer projects but it could be the next direction for this blog. I already started a really quite nice duster coat 30: Summer coat last month with the intention of taking part in "The Monthly Stitch" project but I still have not finished it. Thats something I really need to get back to asap. I may not need it right now but it will be worth the effort once the currently nice sunny weather goes back to normal rainy England.


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