Monday, 9 May 2016

#MMMay16, 09/05/16, Day 9

This is my hooded cowl dress which was in the Burda style magazine 09/2015. This is actually my second attempt at making this.
The first did work but was definitely not perfect since I made so many mistakes during construction. I even attempted a tutorial but it was not a very good one since I was contacted just last week by another member who also found this pattern a pain to make and who couldn't understand my attempt at a tutorial. May have to have another go at that in fact.

I love the design but find the hood is pretty bulky when worn. Its perfect on a reasonably warm day though when it could rain. Possibly not the best dress for today since I am feeling a bit warm in it!

Well I did make this as a winter dress and it is turning out quite summery today!

Here are the photos:

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