Tuesday, 17 May 2016

43: Green striped skirt from offcuts

I made this skirt from the offcuts from my red stripey leggings here: 41: Red striped leggings
It cost next to nothing since I made leggings and a bolero from the fabric first and that fabric only cost me 80p anyway. I dyed the skirt after making in what I think of as a fairy green. Its made using zigzag since I made it before I bought my overlocker. Its just a tube skirt with very little shaping.  I used a knit skirt I owned already as a pattern and just cut round it. It took a bit of thought because the verticle striped bit was one bit of fabric and I needed the only other bit of fabric which is the horizonal striped panel to make it big enough. It has an elastic waistband with two rows of the thin elastic inside a casing since I did not have any thicker 1" elastic at the time. I had no choice about the stripes because I only had two bits of fabric left but I think it worked out rather well with the stripes going in different directions.

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