Thursday, 12 May 2016

38: side panel leggings

I actually wore these for Me-Made-May 16, day 2 but have not got round to blogging about them as a clothing item I made until today.

This is Butterick pattern B5778.         

The fabric is a lycra stretch bought from Weston Fabrics off Ebay UK, with black one side and fushia the other so the black side panels are actually the same fabric as the front and back panels making them surprisingly easy to make. Next time though I think I will make a smaller size. Same old problem with pattern sizing!

Here is the backphoto:

 Did not realise had such bad VPL! Sorry about that!
You can see the leggings though.

I have so far worn these several times in the last couple of weeks so I would say they are a big success. Also the thing with this pattern is I can see it evolving with piping between the panels and different colours to make sportswear style leggings. I need to get the sizing right first and pay a visit to a sports shop ( with camera/phone) so I can study the "proper" sports-wear designs.
Thanks for reading and come back soon............

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