Wednesday, 4 May 2016

33: Huge stripey hand knit jumper

I made this hand knit jumper using Aldi colour change yarn.  I did not use a pattern for this but just looked at average chunky patterns and cast on 80 stitches for each front and back and knitted till very long. Needle size was 6.5mm so pretty big. I do not particularly like this jumper but I do seem to wear it lots because its warm, big and easy to wear. It also goes with just about everything I own.  I like big jumpers cos despite what you may think with my being a blogger, I am a pretty shy person and like to stay well covered most of the time. If anything its a bit too baggy but I did make it that way by choice.

Anyway since I decided to wear this for the Me-made May challenge I reckon it should probably be included in my 100 garments.
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