Wednesday, 4 May 2016

04/05/16 Me-made May 2016 Day 4

Today I must spend most of my day in Toe-Tector Boots so wearing boots with steel toe-caps. Most of my Me-mad clothing seems to be skirts or dresses which just will not cut it in an engineering laboratory. Well I have found my first real hole in my me-made stuff anyway. Jeans!! And practical every day clothing.

Also a major problem today is finding someone I trust to take my photos since I do not feel comfortable asking people I work with and my other half is in work very early and back late today so I am sorry but its Selfie time! Also please ignore the half decorated bedroom!

To get round this problem with only making skirts and "going out" clothing and also try and stay true to my challenge I am wearing some up-cycled jeans. They are probably a bit loud for the lab but still I have changed them from the shop bought RTW. Originally from Primark in around 2005 when they first opened in Coventry, these jeans cost about £8.00 GBP and were pale grey with slightly darker grey leopard spots. I overdyed them bright pink using Dylon washing machine dye and they came out a rather nice dark cyclamon pink still with their leopard spots. I honesty do like these jeans and they fit me well, hence I still own them.

They are "upmarketed" due to the colour change and I tend to wear them with my bike jacket to got out or with this huge jumper. Anyway worn with them is my original try out of alwaysautumn's free raglan sleeved T shirt pattern that I made here:
25: Comparing the free raglan sleeved T shirt patterns available on the internet
and a hand knit jumper made using Aldi colour change yarn.  I did not use a pattern for this but just looked at average chunky patterns and cast on 80 stitches for each front and back and knitted till very long. Needle size was 6.5mm so pretty big.

I do not particularly like this jumper but I do seem to wear it lots because its warm, big and easy to wear. I like big jumpers cos despite what you may think with my being a blogger, I am a pretty shy person and like to stay well covered most of the time.
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