Tuesday, 17 May 2016

#MMMay16, Day 15

Well when I saw these photos I felt a right old lady and a frump!

Maybe its the way I was wearing this or maybe it was the hard work making 60 Tie dyed Tshirts but I look old, tired and sad here. I was not sad but I feel sad looking at me looking so bad!
 I suppose if you photograph yourself as often as you need to to take part in MMMay 2016 though you will have off days.

Anyway I felt far from glamourous looking at myself in this dress. I actually quite liked this dress before taking these photos! I do not think I can blame it all on the dress either!

The hem is not right and I need to make a smaller size! Again my sizing problem. This is a 12 and according to the pattern it should fit and be a bit tighter hip-wise. I think this dress will probably need to be "remade". It is the first time I have worn it but I feel it needs something to make it more me. AND I need to take on board that I may have looked great with no make-up on at 26 but at nearly 52 I need to make more effort. So I have yet another result from MMMay16. I need a new look!
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