Tuesday, 3 May 2016

32: chunky hat

I never used an actual pattern for this. Its knitted on two pins not in the round so has a seam down the back. It is the very first hat I ever knitted. I have since learned to knit hats in the round. Its the same yarn as the bright green jumper 30: Green cable and lace jumper which is a kind of mohair weight acrylic that is meant to be knitted on a similar sized needle to arans but in the case of my hat I doubled the yarn and did it on larger size 6.5mm needles. The contrast is a cheap dark turquiose double knit yarn which I also doubled. The tweed is simply made using a strand of each to give the effect of three different yarns. I love the pixie leaf on top of this hat but suspect if I tried to do this again I would struggle. Its down to my not knowing how to decrease properly to shape the top of the hat. Still I love it all the same and this year have worn this hat loads.

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