Tuesday, 10 May 2016

#MMMay16, 10/05/16, Day 10

Today I am wearing my newly made (last night in fact) raglan sleeved T shirt 36: Raglan sleeved black and blue top with my upcycled and very favourite army surplus jacket. I bought this jacket for £1.00 GBP at a Steam Fair about 4 years ago. It was in the bargain section due to having lost its ensignia on sleeves and front pocket. Maybe whoever originally owned it had medals. Who knows. Anyway it was a real bargain and I couldn't resist. I bought several other items as well but most of them ended up in my partner's wardrobe. This I kept and to cover the damaged bits I sewed different coloured ribbons as a kind of aplique onto the bits where something had been removed. This jacket comes out every summer and I love it. I have in the last two summers seen what look like copies of my own upcycled jacket in various fashion outlets as well but as far as I am aware, I did it first!

 Here you can see the ribbons I used as aplique to cover the defects.

Thanks for reading and come back soon.................

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