Monday, 23 May 2016

#MMMay Saturday 21st May - My recycled/upcycled sock skirt

Today was lovely weather so I decided I cannot do #MMMay16 without wearing this skirt.

Its far from perfect but is a bit unusual in that I made it from old socks. Generally when you wear out a pair of socks you have just one go in holes not both. Also usually the leg bit of your sock is perfect.

I needed a clear out since I had so many socks with holes in and was going to send this lot of old socks to landfill when I got the idea to make this surfing skirt.

It was a few years ago now and I did not have a fabric stash then and also no spare money to buy any. Its a bit strange maybe making a skirt from old socks but I do love this item in my wardrobe.

 It is not something I can wear very often and I originally intended this as just a beach skirt for holidays and its very similar to lots of surfing clothing that you find at holiday resorts and also festival clothing.

The waistband has a pullcord made from a Doc Martin Boot shoe lace. The waistband is a strip of black jersey recyled from an old holey T shirt. The entire skirt is made using a zigzag stitch. You can see a close up lower down of the inside of the skirt.

To make each square I opened up the socks and used the fabric single layered. As a bonus all of the squarea also contain lycra so its a very stretchy skirt that doesn't get any baggier with wear since the lycra lets it retain it's imperfect but fun shape.

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