Monday, 23 May 2016

#MMMay16, Sunday 22nd May, My green scarf dress

I am not sure this mesh dress really counts as upcycling. I made it from two halloween scarves from the Pound Shop but I did buy them with the idea to do this with them so it is not really upcycling. More a new fabric source.

 Everything is overlocked - seams and hems.

You can see the skulls better in the next few photos.

It has overlocked side seams with exposed seams but I did the sleeve seams with the overlocking inside to make the distinction that the outer side seams are MEANT to be outside as a feature of the design. 

 Unfortunately the fabric is very delicate so I may only get a few wearings before it goes in lots of ladders but it is a fun dress for a sunny weekend and I really like the bright green with the skulls.

Still it only cost me £2.00 so if I get to wear it ten times that is a bargain really!

Its made very similarly to this: 7: Dark navy top with a step by step tutorial guide to making
except I did the sleeve seams on the inside this time.

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