Tuesday, 17 May 2016

41: Red striped leggings

I made these stirrup leggings a few years ago now. They are made using a zigzag since I did not own an overlocker then. When I bought the fabric it was from a car boot sale and it was only 80p a meter so very cheap. It started off cream and black though. I dyed these after making them using dylon washing machine dye. I really like these but only wear them usually with a skirt over since they feel very realing. I am sure they actually show no more than my black leggings which I happily wear alone but maybe its the stripes since I just feel a bit loud and naken when I put these on. Ideally I need  a long T shirt with them I think rather than wear a skirt with them. Something else I need to add to my "to make list" then!

They are made using this pattern:

I also made the bolero but that came out a bit big. The leggings are great though.

red striped leggings made from Simplicity 2067
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